Open Radio Lab with FLOSS (free and open source tools)

Open Radio Lab is a social face of metaminaFNR. The idea is to do a open and colaborative radio during special event. Anybody can enjoy it and give contens or ideas for the productions of programms and poadcasts. The "lab" it is divided into a litle workshop for learning the basic of the tecnical tools we need for an autonomous netradio, tools like pure data, audacity, And other part more practical where we are going to make the radio and design the contens by colective decisions ( interviews, informal talks, experimental poadcast, radio interventions in the public space, ect ). Also cool be nice a collaboration with local radio stations.

Open Radio Lab @ SummerLab Casablanca Sept 2013

poadcasts from summerlab casablanca

poadcast and material from open radio lab Hackafou ( hackmeeting at Calafou 2012 )