BOIDS ALPHA CENTAURO CH6 Boids_alpha_centauro_06CH

Boids_Alpha_Centauro_06CH is a experimental audio work part of a extended and iterative series of pieces based on the exploration of the sound posibilities of the "boids algorithm". In this case the piece is designed for a specific 6 channel audio sistem (PA). For the generation of the sound material i coded a custom software using Pure Data environment. I build 2 “instrument” linked a 2d boids simulator with a basic AM six channel audio synthesizer and one transistor bass emulation [basemu~]. The code implement also a combinatorie logic system inspirated in the Ars Magna of Ramon Llul that manage the changes in the boids parameters.

Flocking boids is a computer model for the coordinated motion of groups (or flocks) of entities called boids. Flocking represents group movementas seen in bird flocks and fish schoolsas combinations of steering behaviors for individual boids, based on the position and velocities of nearby flockmates. Though individual flocking behaviors (sometimes called rules) are quite simple, they combine to give boids and flocks interesting overall behaviors, which would be complicated to program explicitly. Flocking is often grouped with Artificial Life algorithms because of its use of emergence: complex global behaviors arise from the interaction of simple local rules. A crucial part of this complexity is its unpredictability over time; a boid flying in a particular direction may do something different a few moments later. Flocking was first proposed by Craig Reynolds in his paper "Flocks, Herd, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model," published in Computer Graphics, 21(4), SIGGRAPH'87, pp. 25-34.

BOIDS ALPHA CENTAURO CH6 was part of Grande Exposition d’art sonore #2 Machine-music : les compositeurs invisibles! @ Plateforme Intermédia / La Fabrique by APO33 Nantes France
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