Oscar Martin [noish] winterthur 1977

Experimental artist, independent researcher and programmer working in the fields of sound art, installations, interactive and generative systems, performances and net radioart. Also active under the moniker noish~, is an electronic sound artist based since some time in Barcelona. A firm opensource advocate, he develops his own tools for realtime sound synthesis and processing, with which he delivers raw sonic streams generated by algorithmic and chaotic methods. His music has been released on the Free Software Series, Uzusounds, Drone Records and tecnoNucleo, among other labels, and presented live across Europe and Latin America. Martín is also behind the MetaminaFNR streaming project, a generative on-line radio, and editor of UrsonateFanzine, a publication focused on the Spanish experimental sound and music scene. He do independents workshops about floss tools, generative systems and experimental music.

In 2011 he received the Fundación Phonos grant for his project {RdEs} Sonic Emergency Distributed Network a Sound-Light Installation. Prize at Festival “Les Bains numériques”, Dance and new media, Enghien, France. Cía. Aniara Rodado, 2011. And in 2012 VIDA 14.0 grant for the project SXK Turing Test in collaboration with the collective Quimera Rosa about sensitive interaction and biofeedback.

His art projects have been exhibited at various venues such as Niakaza Space, Sudafrica, La Batie Festival de Geneve, Switzerland. Medialab Prado, Spain. LaLaboral, Spain. Festival de la Imagen de Manizales, Colombia. Piksel Festival, Norway. Electropiksel, France. CECN, Belgium. Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid. Sucked Orange Galerie, Germany. Noise = Noise, England. Maús Habitos, Portugal. III Pure Data Convention, Brasil. Arteleku, Spain.