Generative and chaotic: Workshop [rdxs]:__x=i

The workshop is planned as an experimental, theoretical and hands-on laboratory on the concepts of emergent systems, stochastic, chaotic and generative sound & light art installations. The participants will work based on the contents and the technological development of the installation {RdES} . In the lab we are going to be learning tools like Pure Data and Arduino and the participants will be develop collective prototypes.

RdEs is an installation that explores the sonic and compositional possibilities of the concepts of complexity and emerging systems, using a network of “modules-particles” that interact with each other and with the environment. Each “module-particle” follows simple individual rules, but is able to generate more complex and sophisticated patterns when combined with the others.

28/10/2013 @ Addicted2random, Barcelona.
15/11/2013 @ Kiblix, Maribor. Slovenija.
25/01/2014 @ DATABAZ, Angoulême. France.
02/02/2014 @ Plateforme Intermédia/la Fabrique, Nantes. France
25/04/2014 @ NK-prjekt Berlin. Germany

{RdEs} sound && light installation