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trakk-1download 'DNARB:::::v.perkalUKI' zip package!!

note: this software is GPL u can modify it and customize keeping the attribution >> xavi manzanares aka daax! maig 2009

DNARB:::::DNARhythmBox v.perkalUKI is a pd patch developed in the UKI-process in the context of the real-time code-performance UKI cordinated by Shu Lea Chang, in collaboration with 42 persons (coders, performers, technicians, Videomakers, streamers, etc..) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
DNARB:::::DNARhythmBox v.perkalUKI is an experimental patch where u can playback the Escherichia Coli's ADN sequence. The ACGT aminoacids from DNA has been translated in a numeric sequence from 0 to 3, that are stored into an array. The array sends the numbers in a certain speed of lecture that is associated to 4 instruments (synths) that basically builds up a rhythm box. This rythm patterns can be played in the whole sequence (2462 steps) or be looped in certain parts (3,4,8,16,32,64,128 steps) These big amount of structure patterns can be shuttled with shuttle bar.

trakk-1+listen some DNA records!!!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::UKI performance photos1

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