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#Experiments in Sound and Electronic Music in Early 20th Century Russia ·Andrey Smirnov · SOUND IN Z


#GÖDEL, ESCHER, BACH: una eterna trenza dorada · Douglas R. Hoofstadter · Basic Books NY

#Music and Probability · David Temperley · The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts, London

#Creating Rhythms · Stefan Hollos and J. Richard Hollos · Exstrom Laboratories LLC


#Music Information Retrieval: Recent Developments and Applications · Markus Schedl (Johannes Kepler University Linz) · Emilia Gómez (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) · Julián Urbano (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

#AI Methods in Algorithmic Composition: A Comprehensive Survey · Jose David Fernández · Francisco Vico (Universidad de Málaga)

#Artificial Intelligence and Music: Open Questions of Copyright Law and Engineering Praxis ·Bob L. T. Sturm · Maria Iglesias · Oded Ben-Tal · Marius Miron

#A Data-driven Bayesian Approach to Automatic Rhythm Analysis of Indian Art Music · Ajay Srinivasamurthy · TESI DOCTORAL UPF/MTG

#Deep Learning Techniques for Music Generation – A Survey
Jean-Pierre Briot (Sorbonne Université, CNRS) · Gaëtan Hadjeres (Sony Computer Science Laboratories) · and François-David Pachet (Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab)

#Similarity and Style in Electronic Dance Music Drum Rhythms ·
Daniel Gómez Marín PHD THESIS UPF / 2018

#Elements, Forms, Behaviours: Music as Definitions of Processes ·
Darien Brito ·Master Thesis Institute of Sonology

#GenoMus: prospección de técnicas de creatividad asistida por computadora mediante la metaprogramación de genotipos musicales ·
José López-Montes · Departamento de Ciencias de la Educación, el Lenguaje, la Cultura y las Artes. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

#LEARNING A LATENT SPACE OF MULTITRACK MEASURES · Ian Simon · Jesse Engel · Adam Roberts · Curtis Hawthorne · Google Brain

#Text-based LSTM networks for Automatic Music Composition · Keunwoo Choi · George Fazekas · Mark Sandler · The Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London

#The Markov Chain Monte Carlo Revolution · Persi Diaconis ·
Departments of Mathematics and Statistics, Stanford University

#MUSICAL AUDIO SYNTHESIS USING AUTOENCODING NEURAL NETS · Andy M. Sarroff · Michael Casey · Computer Science Dartmouth College
Hanover USA

#Music Generation by Deep Learning – Challenges and Directions ·
Jean-Pierre Briot (Sorbonne Universités Paris) · François Pachet (Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab Paris)

#Towards machine musicians who have listened to more music than us : audio database-led algorithmic criticism for automatic composition and live concert systems · Nick Collins (2016) · Computers in entertainment., 14 (3). p. 2. Durham University Research Online

#RaveForce: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Environment for Music Generation · Qichao Lan · Jim Tørresen · Alexander Refsum Jensenius · RITMO · Department of Musicology

#Drums and Bass Interlocking · Pere Calopa Piedra · MASTER THESIS UPF / 2016 Master in Sound and Music Computing

Audio & Interactive Media (AIM) Lab Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST Deajeon, 305-701, Korea Republic
University of Oslo

#Comparative Evaluation and Combination of Automatic Rhythm Description Systems · José Ricardo Zapata González · TESI DOCTORAL UPF / 2013 Barcelona Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Nick Collins · Department of Informatics University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

#Synthesizing Sound: Metaphor in Audio-Technical Discourse and Synthesis History · Tara S. Rodgers · Department of Art History and Communication Studies McGill University, Montreal

#Deep Predictive Models in Interactive Music · Charles P. Martin
Kai Olav Ellefsen · Jim Torresen · University of Oslo, Department of Informatics

#WAVENET : A GENERATIVE MODEL FOR RAW AUDIO · Sander Dieleman · Heiga Zen · Karen Simonyan · Oriol Vinyals · Alex Graves · Nal Kalchbrenner · Andrew Senior · Aäron van den Oord · Koray Kavukcuoglu · Google DeepMind, London, UK

#Spectral Modeling Synthesis: A Sound Analysis/Synthesis System Based on a Deterministic Plus Stochastic Decomposition · Xavier Serra and Julius Smith · III Computer Music Journal Published by: The MIT Press

#Beyond the Cybernetic Jam Fantasy: The Continuator · François Pachet · Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris · IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

#Irreversible Noise / Enemy of music · Inigo Wilkins · Masters in Sonic Culture at the University of East London, and completed his doctorate in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London

#Glass Bead is a research platform and a journal concerned with transfers of knowledge across art, science and philosophy, as well as with their practical and political dimensions.

#Lista de articulos sobre deep learning machine y musica

#Andy Sarroff. AI and Sound.

#Bob L. Sturm, Ph.D. Speech, Music and Hearing Division
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Department · Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm, Sweden

#Helena Cuesta. PhD student. Music Information Retrieval. Machine Learning. MTG/UPF

#research sobre machine learning y analisis de audio · Justin Salamon


#ESSENTIA · Libreria y colección de herramientas para MIR análisis de música y audio del MTG/UPF

#HPCP - Harmonic Pitch Class Profile vamp plug-in. MTG/UPF

#LIBROSA Libreria en python para analisis de música y audio

#SMS / Spectral Modeling Synthesis Tools MTG/UPF
Conjunto de herramientas para analisis, transformación y sintesis de sonido basado en técnicas de modelados espectrales de sintesis sonora. Desarrollada por Xavier Serra en su 1989 PhD thesis y por otros desarrolladores de MTG/UPF

#SMS en Supercollider

#BRAID. Python Midi. Secuenciador monofonico midi para python 3

#Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Musical Source Separation

#WEKA open source machine learning software that can be accessed through a graphical user interface

The Wekinator is free, open source software originally created in 2009 by Rebecca Fiebrink. It allows anyone to use machine learning to build new musical instruments, gestural game controllers, computer vision or computer listening systems, and more.

#Sonic Visualizer + Audio Annotator + Vamp Plugins
herramientas para el analisis de audio y anotación de los datos resultantes

VAMP pluguins
sonic Visualicer
Audio anotator

#MAGENTA: An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process

#python staff of magenta project

#python chord interference

#NSynth: Neural Audio Synthesis

#software para analizar y convertir audio en midi con python de Justin Salomon

#Deep neural network audio synthesis by Memo Aktin

# ML5js · Libreria para machine learning in la web

#musicnn: an open source, deep learning-based music tagger. MTG/UPF

#supercollider machine learning resources

#supercollider advanced computer music resources

#The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks. Text generator.


#Machine Learning in Art, Sound and Music

# RL software open source to deep reinforcement learning. This is an educational resource produced by OpenAI that makes it easier to learn about deep reinforcement learning (deep RL).

#Curso Machine Learning de Google

#Curso "Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists". Goldsmiths University of London

#¿Qué es una Red Neuronal? Parte 1 : La Neurona DotCSV (video)

#Neural Network sound Examples

#A Beginner's Guide to LSTMs and Recurrent Neural Networks A.I.Wiki

#Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning with Python

#Audio Proccesing Signals / Department of Electrical Engineering - Columbia University

#This notebook demonstrates some of the basic functionality of librosa version 0.4.

#A musicologist's guide to Sonic Visualiser By Nicholas Cook and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson

#Python Pandas Cut function.

#Discretizacion y agrupación de datos. Python


#Introduction to Hidden Markov Models

#Markov Chains in Python: Beginner Tutorial

#Markov Model of Natural Language

#Markov Chain Rhythms using SonicPi (ft. Drake).Omar Delarosa

#Markow Drums. Daniel Gomez Marin.Pure Data.

#«creating rhythms markov» by Fredrik Olofsson. (Supercollider)

#Strategies for Algorithmic Composition (Supercollider)

#SuperCollider Markov Experiment II. Por Jacob Joaquin

#Markov chain generator. Texto. Python

#Markov Chains with Python

#Generating Music Using Markov Chains. Alvin Lin

#markovdrummer with Python

#Elegant Python code for a Markov chain text generator . Eli Bendersky



We’ve created MuseNet, a deep neural network that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments, and can combine styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles. MuseNet was not explicitly programmed with our understanding of music, but instead discovered patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style by learning to predict the next token in hundreds of thousands of MIDI files. MuseNet uses the same general-purpose unsupervised technology as GPT-2, a large-scale transformer model trained to predict the next token in a sequence, whether audio or text.

OpenAI builds free software for training, benchmarking, and experimenting with AI.

# WAVENET a deep generative model of raw audio waveforms by DeepMind google

#The Infinite Drum Machine. Thousands of everyday sounds, organized using machine learning

#Markov Experiment. Audio

#FlowComposer: composing with AI

#AI experiments with google

#Neural Networks Generated Lamb of God Drum Tracks

#NeuralBeats: Generative Techno with Recurrent Neural Networks

#LSTMetallica:Generation drum tracks by learning the drum tracks of 60 Metallica songs

#Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: (b.1986, Moscow) is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher. He focuses on contemporary media arts including sound, robotics and installation, placing special emphasis on the link between emergent systems and new kinds of technological synthesis.

#irrational computing ralf baecker

#Jean Tinguely. "máquinas escultura" o arte cinético, entroncado en la tradición Dada;

#Peter Vogel. Escultura sonoras, electrónica.

#ANS El sintetizador soviético que unió el ocultismo y la música electrónica. Por Blanca Rego en

#AI Poetry. Anna Nazo


#DATA SETs for research

Carnatic Music Rhythm Dataset

#Pagina de multiples recursos del Music Tecnology Group MTG/UPF software/datasets is the home for software and data resources from the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary, University of London.

#Listado de recursos. Music Information Retrieval Datasets and Symbolic Datasets. This list was developed after a discussion on the MIR mailing list and MIREX mailing list.


#Musica Folk de todo el mundo, online.

#Smithsonian Folkways Recordings es la compañía discográfica de la Smithsonian Institution, caracterizada por documentar, preservar y distribuir música folclórica y música del mundo en general.

#OCORA "Office de Coopération Radiophonique" es un sello frances especializado en grabaciones de músicas de todo el mundo. Fue fundada en 1957 por el compositor, pianista y musicologo Charles Duvelle junto al músico Pierre Schaeffer. Ocora es parte de Radio France.

#Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico

#World Library of folk and primitive music · Alan Lomax