I’ve always been fascinated by the group movement of flocks of birds and fish, as are coordinated and synchronized without any apparent hierarchy.This series of pieces are inspired by this phenomenon that is also called “emergency”. Emergency is defined like the araise of complexity from the interaction of a network of simple elements with each other and with the environment by following some simple rules that make more sophisticated behaviors appear to level set and are not a priori logically deductible party . Self-organizing, decentralized, complex and emergency systems are concepts and phenomena that reveal the magic of the real and hidden mechanical difficult to grasp just scientific reason.
This pieces are based on the possibilities and sonic exploration FLOCKING Boids algorithm. An algorithm that simulates the behavior similar to flocks of some animals swarm.“Flocking was first Proposed by Craig Reynolds in His paper” Flocks, Herd, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model, “published in Computer Graphics, 21 (4), SIGGRAPH’87, pp. 25-34.”


For the generation of sound material I programmed a piece of software using the programming environment Pure Data. I built a tool that linked the positions of the “birds” two flocks in a visual simulation algorithm “Boids” with a sawtooth synths and AM synthesis.

2013 Boids_ch6_alpha_centaurus. Machine Music Grande Exposition de Art Sonore. APO33, France.6 chanel generative installation.
2014 Bird like object > Release at uzusounds label
2015 Bird like object > audio-MAD Space, Collective exihibition, Centro Centro Madrid, Spain.
2017 BOIDS ALPHA CENTAURI Code/Audio Release for SUPER·SENSOR e-magazine Edited/Curated by Francisco Lopez.
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