All the lines arrive to Nazca

Winter residence “poetic infrastructures”
at Nuvem ( rural space for art
and technology between july and august 2013. Brazil.

Installations prototypes. sound, performance, experimental electronic devices, research, text.

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-----------------------------------------------------------.It is proposed as a helicoidal[00] laboratory of research and experimentation on the electromagnetic forces (both natural and artificial) and the cosmic radiations present in the environment of the rural station Nuvem. Usually electromagnetism is an invisible force that modulate and significantly affects the conditions of organic and inorganic reality and that interconnects different levels, ranging from the cosmos[01], planet Earth, human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Starting from an approach based on a direct experience of the phenomenon and with the methodological intention to make a collision between different boxes of knowledge (scientific, extra-scientific, artistic, technological, etc..) the laboratory and their vectors are looking for the friction and induction of the edges of these intangible boxes-interfaces that we usually call layers of abstractions or knowledge and try to place us in the membranes that mediate our daily experience of reality.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Technology and knowledge are ideologies. The current western technological branch development is based on a militarist cosmology, capitalist consumption, social control and in the exploitation of the material and spiritual substrate from our well-known holographic reality. Materialized distopia. Entropy disguised under a layer of muzak. Like a Windows 8 installed in our brains and skins. Layers of graphical interface that are made invisible in our darko google glasses. BLACK BOX. What if we retrace intrahistorical linear time and look upon a fork before cybernetics? Disbelief. Parallel zone in a proximity science (kitchen table DIY sciencitific experiments - XIX and XX ..> ) made in garages. Dust off Tesla, Marconni, da Vinci and mixed them with Inca and Yanomami ancestral knowledge. Imagine other interfaces that cross the screen and insert the philosophy of plants and minerals. With a stove and a mirror, stills, caustic soda. Engender hydrogen gas with cans of beer. Uninstalling. There is no longer humanoid center. Implosion.. Uninstalling. There is no longer humanoid center. Implosion.
All lines arrive to Nazca
The scientific-technological zone
------------------------------------ All the lines arrive to Nazca, spit colateral outputs of the vegetal process. Call it art. An art that is condensed and decondensed mutating form and language in an endless loop. Wandering among rocks, under the clouds. Re-inhabiting the physical world and connecting some coordinates of vintage Land Art with newtonian circuits, antennas, sculptures, video, magnetometers, wikiart, writing in the ditches and body-diagonal alignments mound, shorting devices with landscape GLITCH and superimposed sound material. Transducing hidden code on the "mata" (wild grass). Amplifying the magnetic and cosmic fluctuations to blow of INTUITION. Protocyborgs. Marking / drawing on the spot. Suggest infrastructures, distribute stones, synchronicity, change places, follow a trail ... a cluster. Walking to covaira.
All lines arrive to Nazca
Land art
The electromagnetic phenomenon is a viscous instance that slips through scientific gloves in the laboratory. When you stress it it becomes more fluid, almost invisible as non-newtonian cornstarch. It tends to fluctuate in distributed networks throughout the matrix of the universe and contains genes of indeterminacy that makes it entropic in nature. Humans have spent their entire history to try to guess its next move. They have built machines and booster antennas that extended the capabilities to perceive radiations; fork wooden rods L-shaped dowsing, Lecher's antenna, organic devices, vermiculite pendulums and hydrochloric acid runes. Animals do not need any hardware or they make a hardware-rhizome with the wind, sometimes particles sometimes waves and now and then they perceive an electrical storm hundreds of miles away or solar wind particles crashing into the Earth's magnetosphere while they drink tea and take a look to the fog. The Romans who were not so sophisticated would leave a sheep a year long in the place where they wanted to build a city to test invisible cosmo-telluric influences and then would sacrificed it and look its liver under the microscope and if it was healthy the city was raised, if not they would invade another country. The druids built their temples in geomagnetic intensity points and joining points, they played tac-toe throughout England. Ants build their nests at intersections of these lines and predict earthquakes with eyelashes. The cats are addicted and hypersensitive, they like to curl up on the cross points and turn the radiations through their hairs into microwaves, emitting them through their purrs. Modern humans heard whispers in the telegraph lines that were unknowingly receptors VLF-ELF (very low frequency and extremely low Frecuencies) and met in Hawaii to discuss and investigate the mystery. Lowdenssfer/tweeks/purewhist. Nicolas Tesla suffered from acute and shiny apopheia and had left a encrypted and modulated message in the Shumman's Earth resonance waves. Somekind of planetary scale muzak that resonates in all the molecules of our bodies and makes sizzling the telegraph lines. Still today they are searching for the secret code in the LHC Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and in the proportions of the shade rocks of stonhenge on the winter solstice of ST Michael with no visible results. The ancient Egyptians were luckier and built pyramids that concentrated these ionic forces. They used this forces to mummify pharaohs during the working revolts of jeperu Neb-Ra-Tut-ankh-Amen and in social peace time the pyramids served as giant refrigerators that kept the wheat in good conditions for times of global warming.

The Indians Puris, who inhabited these lands before they were exterminated by the eurokas to build chalets and golf camps. Puris built their roads following ant's nests throught the hillsides, giving them the constellations shape from the preindustrial shining sky. Cosmological and astral poetics, at the same time deeply functional. With one eye they look toward tawa chakana among Centaurus and Musca and with the other eye they look to the ground to prevent them from falling.

I know it, I've been there. Now I am walking carefuly for these Pleiades not to step on anthills. I am hauling a kind of bamboo and aluminum whip antenna with an electronic homemade receptor VLF BBB4 inside a Faraday box made with milk carton. I find a point of the line in an extinct volcano with a pool of water sprouted from the Earth's core. And it begins right where the outer mantle [02] and the Mohorovičić discontinuity, I plant my orgone antenna of sound transduction and connect it to the atemporal ionosphere, it starts to decode the instructions for puri electromagnetic ritual.
ST Michael
tawa chakana
puri electromagnetic ritual
[00] For Helicoidal I mean ""helical movement resulting from combining a rotational movement about a given axis with a translational motion along the same axis, resulting in a helical movement. Under these conditions, the said axis called the instantaneous axis of rotation and sliding of the rigid solid."" but with variable axis and center and more than solid, liquid or possibly implosive as the ETHER. [01] The radiation coming from the cosmos in the form of particles, protons, neutrons, and solar wind alter and modify the Earth's magnetic field fluctuations.
[02] The radiation coming from the cosmos in the form of particles, protons, neutrons, The seismic wave velocities measured in this layer are typically 8.0 to 8.2 km / s, which are greater than those recorded in the lower crust (6.5 to 7.8 km / s). Geophysical data show that between 50 and 200 km (or more subduction zones) deep occurs a decrease in P-wave velocity (longitudinal) and strong attenuation of S waves (transverse), hence this region is known as low-velocity zone.
Telluric & Non-linear Pulse Station
One of the branches I developed during the residency was to build several prototypes that I called "telluric & no-linear pulse station" in Nuvem's garden. It is device to amplify and visualize the fluctuations of density from the Earth's magnetic field. It is based in this experiment but I use a laser like I use a laser like litght source source.

The device have a mirror attached to a magnet. The mirror and the magnet were suspended by fine nylon to the top of the bambu piramide. Laser light is reflected in the mirror and the magnet and the mirror are moving due to magnetic fluctuations. We can see this movement amplificated througt the distance in the landscape. It is generated somekind of visual hipnotic pulse. Also the idea is put marks on the ground in relation to the movement and gradually generate structures and drawings over time. The station would have at least two time scales: one is "real time" and another scale would be in relation to the variation of the marks to months and years that can make visible the variations of the Earth magnetic poles.

For the main prototipe I build a piramidal structure with bamboo and plastic to keep safe the mirror and the magnet of the weather. The pyramid shape is often linked to magnetic phenomena in certain exoteric science that regard it a kind of amplifier accumulator resonator of these forces, and also the pyramid is a very economic structure (4 bamboo) and enougt robust and ideal for rain protection. I built it with the Keos pyramid proportions

This prototype uses two speakers as generators of the magnetic field changes through the mechanical movement of the bovine-magnet of the speakers when they play audio (the audio i used > VLF recordings + field recordings made ​​during residence in Fumaça). The sensor (mirror-magnet) is placed between the two speakers and modifies its movement pattern.
other prototypes